Making Life Meaningful

89% of Brits age 16-29 years old find that life is meaningless, and America isn’t far behind.

30% of Millennial Americans say they are lonely, while 22% of them say they have zero friends.

These statistics should shock you, but probably don’t surprise you. We are in a critical time period of history and it is up to us to do something. We need to reconnect the world to a sense of meaning.


Introducing the Meaning Network

Tribal is building the world’s first “Meaning Network.” As opposed to a social network, Tribal is building a platform dedicated to connecting people to a renewed sense of meaning.

The Meaning Network Formula

Stories That Inspire

The power of stories — really great, meaningful stories — is well-documented. The stories that Tribal will tell are those that connect people to a sense of hope, help and purpose. Stories will serve as the on-ramps to the reality that people are not alone, that there is hope in whatever they’re going through and that there is a purpose for their life. Life is meaningful.

Resources That Equip

Stories awaken hope and inspire us, but stories can fall flat when they’re not followed up by practical resources from subject matter experts who can help equip people to face their personal and professional challenges head on in productive and beneficial ways. 

Relationships That Empower

When asked “What makes life meaningful?” most people would respond with an assortment of answers linked to faith/religion, meaningful job, community involvement or a personal endeavor of significance. But studies show that it’s actually meaningful relationships that unlock a meaningful life. Tribal uses stories as on-ramps to meaningful relationships, the kind that help us to change our world.

Here’s Where You Come In

Tribal is looking for partners who can help produce the meaningful content that will connect people to hope, help and purpose. 

We are looking for storytellers who can tell the stories of people who have overcome all obstacles and found hope in their stories.

We are looking for resources — counselors, chaplains, mentors, coaches, leaders and consultants — who can help connect people to practical help in their stories.

We are looking for alliance partners — nonprofits and organizations — who can connect people to a path for action that leads to fulfilled purpose.


Why Partner With Tribal

If you’re someone who is dedicated to connecting people to hope, help and purpose in life, you likely find it challenging to reach the people who need to hear from you.
If you have managed to connect with people, you may find that the impact you hope to make in their life quickly gets drowned out with the competition of the other forces moving in their lives.
It is our mission to help the amazing organizations and individuals out there who have a call on their lives to help people to connect with their audience and stay in front of their audience.

Content Rules & Guidelines

It Must Be Original!

If you submit your work to Tribal, you are certifying that you own the content and that you have the right to post it as yours. Make sure you can say this!

Don't Sell, Don't Debate, Don't Push

There are many other platforms out there that you can use if you’re looking to put up an ad or pick a fight. Tribal isn’t the place for that. Don’t push your services or try to gimmick people to buy your stuff. 

Quality Over Quantity

We are looking for GREAT pieces of content. We don’t want people to come to Tribal and feel overwhelmed. We want them to come and be able to take a deep breath and drink in a sense of connection and meaning. Make your content amazing and you’ll do great!

We Bring The Audience To You

Tribal is partnering with Corporate America to provide a team-building solution for leaders to help them connect with, grow and inspire their people. 

Part of our value proposition to the businesses is access to amazing content that will help connect their people to hope, help and purpose.

Because of this, we will have a built in audience for you. In the next 3 to 5 years, Tribal will be able to connect you to millions of potential readers — readers who are actively looking for great resources for hope, help and purpose.



Produce Great Content

Be authentic and encouraging… Stories should be anywhere from 500 – 2000 words. Longer is not always better. Our editorial team will be looking at each submission to ensure that the content is easily understood and is a very powerful story. 

Review Your Work

Make sure you review your content for readability, grammar and to make sure it is a compelling piece. Remember, our goal is not to have a ton of filler content or “blogs.” We want high quality, amazing and impactful stories and practical articles for hellp. 

Get Published

During Phase One, you will send your work into the Tribal team for approval and then posting. Tribal will post your content onto the Tribal Premium Content Network under your name. Future phases of our partner program will allow for you to manage your own page.